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Thank you for visiting AmplifiedVersion.com.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we are an online music magazine that focuses on all genres of Christian music. Thats the short of it, however there is more to our vision that meets the eye. Be sure to check our network of websites (AmpNetwork+).

Our journey to the realisation of this website began in 2006. The problem was very evident, it was hard to get our hands on Christian music let alone the good stuff. Mainstream music seemed to like its music a certain way and on certain topics. Most inspirational music or christian music was just way too fragmented and you had to know where to find. The solution hit us, we had to bridge the gap. We put action to our belief, made this repository for music and all things related.

Most people when they decide to walk with the Lord, disconnect their passions, desires and talents because they do not fit in Christianity as we came to know. We are here to help people rediscover those passions but this time connected to the right power source, God almighty.

We would like to acknowledge all other on music magazines out there that have fed us and done so diligently over the past years. We take our hats off and say keep going. We hope to join together and augment the Kingdom of Heaven through multimedia. We pray you are not threatened by another player in the market rather view us another hand to build Kingdom music.

To artists and listeners, our goal is to provide you with quality music over “what’s new” as we Amplify God as best as we know. We hope you enjoy the journey & our version.

Grace and peace!