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Lecrae - Church Clothes Cover hisoc - circa mmxi

High Society Collective – CIRCA MMXI: THE COLLECTIVE

A professionally compiled album that is not easy to digest the first time around. This is definitely not riddled with bubblegum music therefore will suite …

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andy mineo formerly known mixtape Pro PSA Volume 2 JR - Murrays Grammar: New Rules

JR – Murray’s Grammar: New Rules

This has to be the first Christian Hip Hop (CHH) album that aims to not be preachy but creative

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  1. Intro - JR
  2. Smack down - JR
  3. So much to dance for -JR
  4. Weird fishes
  5. Strangely close
  6. Who's gotcha- JR
  7. Light up - JR
  8. Want to be me - JR
  9. In my head - JR
  10. Love - JR
  11. Always - JR
  12. Interlude - JR
  13. All of my life- JR
  14. Outro - JR
Jin - sincerely yours mixtape

Jin – Sincerely Yours

This album is too short. It’s simply enticing you wish he had made more to showcase his amazing a

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  1. Sincerely yours - Jin
  2. Just music - Jin
  3. Whatever It Takes - Jin
  4. Changed man - Jin
  5. True religion - Jin
Jin - say something mixtape

Jin – Say Something

Yes Mr. Jin, please say something. This mixtape album uses some of the mainstream

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  1. Say something - Jin
  2. I tried - Jin
  3. Chillin' In HK - Jin
  4. Touch the sky
  5. Hard - Jin
  6. Running Thru My Head - Jin
  7. Beautiful story - Jin
  8. Angels - Jin
Canon - blind world cover Canon - The Great Investment Mixtape Joint Heirs mixtape cover