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Lecrae - I am second

Lecrae – I Am Second

Lecrae – I Am Second. There is something empowering and encouraging about hearing how someone met salvation and accepted. The journey towards God always reveals …

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Lamp Mode Records: The State of CHH Interview

Lamp Mode Records: The state of Christian Hip Hop

Listen in as the brothers from Lamp Mode talk about the current state of Christian Hip-Hop (CHH)

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God's Servant: Lamp Mode Signing Interview

God’s Servant: Interview

Lamp mode records announce the signing of God’s servant, a.k.a. Brian Davis, and also capture his journey from childhood. This talks all about…

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Stephen the Levite: True Story Interview

Stephen the Levite: Interview

Stephen the Levite, a.k.a. Darrell L. Bell Jr , is a recording artist at Lamp mode records…

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