Young Chozen – G.L.O.W Album Review

Young Chozen - Glow

What a different sound from Young Chozen on this album G.L.O.W, an acronym for Give Love Out Willingly. This is the second official album from the artist and for those of us that have followed Chozen, from the days of the Extra Credit mixtape right up to the album Class President, are in for a shift in gear. The beats are the main shift from the norm that you will notice and some of you hardcore hip hop heads might miss the extra heavy baselines, but we think the new instrumentals just suit his vocal range better.

With this project, it’s evident that Young Chozen wanted to head in a different direction. The whole album just feels like a serving of a different facet of Young altogether. Don’t worry, all the witty lyrics, punch lines and well thought out themes for songs are still present. Like all his albums you will find it hard to say, “this song sounds like…” except for one track that we will leave for you to figure out.

New collaborations might leave you Googling who some of the featured artist are, with likes of Joth Hunt from the Planetshakers band who appears for the first time as a solo artist. HOPP partners with Chozen on a song tipping the scales back to familiarity for avid followers.

The album overall has live instruments blended into it and has that richness and clarity of sound synonymous with analogue studio production. Wrap it up with some top notch mixing and mastering, the album just makes for an easy listen. In fact, the first time you listen to it is the only time you will have to adjust it but thereafter the album just lends itself easily. You could loop the whole album and if you are not paying attention could easily miss the transition between start and the end when you’ve gone full circle.

All these ingredients produced an album you can pick up no matter what mood you are in. Be warned though, it might leave you in a dancing mood as most tracks just urge you on to move your body rather than just nod your head. Our only gripe was, we wished there were more than 11 tracks but this album really doesn’t have any filler songs to clog up your iPod (as Chozen promised in his Pozible campaign). We would recommend the album to those who would like to have something else to listen to other than Praise & Worship music but still want to stay uplifted and not bombarded with perversions.

Release Date: 1 May 2013
Buy: iTunes